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What is a PubSURE Certificate?

PubSURE checks several key factors to evaluate your research manuscript’s submission readiness. This in-depth AI-enabled evaluation reduces the risk of desk rejections with a report that highlights possible areas of improvement before the manuscript is submitted. Manuscripts that score highly on all parameters will receive the PubSURE Certificate, which verifies that the work is ready to be submitted to journal editors. The certificate can also be shared with them during the manuscript submission process.

The PubSURE Certificate assesses your manuscript based on key parameters that most journals screen for during the submission and review process. View all features

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PubSURE Certificate – Why do you need it?

PubSURE Certificate minimizes the risk of desk rejections for your manuscript. Now, you can be ‘submission ready’ for your preferred journal.


Comprehensive check

PubSURE evaluates your manuscript across parameters that are common across all top journals.


Submission ready

The PubSURE Certificate is only awarded to manuscripts with scores above 70, indicating the manuscript meets key submission criteria for most journals.


Improved performance

Our AI-based technology identifies areas of improvement in your manuscript, increasing the chance of it being published in your chosen journal.


Multiple checks for free

Upload and evaluate manuscripts for free, as many times as needed, to get your PubSURE Certificate of submission readiness.

In addition to evaluating your manuscript, PubSURE will also connect you to the editors of the most relevant academic journals in your field of research.

How does PubSURE Certificate work?

Upload your manuscript

  • Sign up for FREE and upload your research manuscript to evaluate your submission readiness.

Check your score

  • On upload, our AI-enabled technology will evaluate your manuscript across key parameters to indicate its submission readiness.
  • If the score is below 70, you will receive a breakdown of suggestions on how to improve your research manuscript.
  • You can upload your revised manuscript multiple times until it receives the PubSURE Certificate of submission readiness.

Get your certificate

  • If your score is above 70, your manuscript will be awarded a PubSURE Certificate that indicates it meets the submission guidelines for most journals.

Our Features


Language Quality

High-level assessment of language to catch all the grammar, spelling, and writing errors.


Commercial Declarations

Check of ancillary declarations to avoid time-consuming legal issues and loss of reputation.


Ethical Compliance

Check for missing ethical declarations to avoid multiple revisions.


Ethical Use of Images

Check images to avoid inappropriate manipulation and ensure compliance with ethical guidelines.


Tables and Figures

Thorough checks for table and figure citations to ensure that they have all been duly mentioned.



Thorough check of the correspondence information (ORCIDs, Clinical Trial Registry Number) to ensure smooth communication.


Reference Quality

Prompt alerts on recognition of very old references and/or overuse of self-citations that could lead to desk rejections.


Completion Check

Thorough check of whether the paper includes all mandatory sections (Introduction, Results, etc.).

Upcoming Features: Plagiarism, Abstract Intelligence, Journal Scope Check, Technical Compliance

What our users say

"I did not even know how many ethical declarations one needs to make to submit a paper, let alone know whether I had complied with them all! PubSURE made it so simple for me!"


Hüseyin Kuru

Statistical Analysis Coach,
Istanbul Commerce University

"With PubSURE, I was able to check whether my research paper was ready for submission, every step of the way."


Adriana Kocaqi

Sapienza University of Rome

"With so many responsibilities that my job demands, it is a real help to have some basic hygiene in place so that my time goes towards my research work, where it rightly belongs."


Elmar Mustafayev

Chair of the Political Science and Philosophy Department,
Khazar University


The PubSURE Certificate will always be free to authors who want to make sure their manuscripts are submission ready and will not be desk rejected for reasons of grammar or reference health. The PubSURE Report is an expanded version of the Certificate and is currently freely available too. In the future this will be a premium service that will be available via a number of paid plans

Yes, it is completely guaranteed. We know that your work is valuable, and we appreciate your need for confidentiality. PubSURE is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, which guarantees both the infrastructure and secure processing of your personal data and manuscript. Data is processed, protected, accessible and stored securely.

No. Your PubSURE Report is private and only available to you. None of your details will ever be shared anywhere without your formal consent or knowledge.

However, should your Report result in scores that exceed a certain threshold, you can choose to share your PubSURE Certificate with journals at time of submission. You can also choose to showcase your work on PubSURE, which will connect to relevant journals in your field of research (coming soon).

A poor PubSURE score means you may need to address certain aspects of the manuscript to decrease the chance of desk rejection. The detailed PubSURE Report indicates the areas in which you need help, so that you know exactly what to work on to avoid greater disappointment in the future.

Yes, we recommend it. PubSURE is a great AI-powered tool that gives an objective view of your paper’s submission-readiness. It has been designed keeping in mind the things journal editors typically check first, when they receive your paper.

In the private version of the Certificate, that only you can see, you will see each section has a numerical score. In the version we share with publishers, this is changed to a traffic light system (red, amber, green) so that the exact numerical score for each section remains known to you alone.

PubSURE’s AI engine powers a suite of diagnostic tools and services to assess your manuscript before submission. We place great emphasis on readability and grammar – as this often prevents a manuscript being sent out to peer review, even if the research results are valid and interesting. We also analyze the reference lists for self-citations, age of citations and other factors to make sure these are as good as they can be. Additionally, we check for inclusive language, and make sure all figures and table are cited and in order.

Right now, just plain text files and Word (docx).

It’s a good overall indicator of whether your manuscript is likely to be rejected immediately by editorial staff. However, as with any emerging AI technology, it is not 100% accurate. You may notice some anomalies with certain papers, or you may query the weightings applied to the results – in that case, we encourage you to contact us and we can investigate what is happening and how to fix it.

The higher-scoring Certificates have 2 options on the private view. One is to showcase your Certificate and article on PubSURE to connect with relevant journals (coming soon), the other is to create a Public Certificate, which can be shared further.

There is no compulsion on behalf of the editor to accept the PubSURE Certificate as proof of anything. However, it does do two things. 1) It shows that your manuscript has passed various language and technical checks and that it is in a state to be reviewed, and 2) It shows you care enough about your submission to their journal that you went to the effort of validating this with a Certificate. In the future, we hope that submissions with a PubSURE Certificate will be sufficiently trusted to allow a bypassing of the checks we automate. This means ensure article with a PubSURE Certificate will be reviewed, and hopefully published, quicker than the articles without one.