Why PubSURE?

PubSURE’s state-of-the-art AI engine leverages 17+ years of unparalleled understanding of research and the editorial processes involved and powers an exhaustive suite of diagnostics for your manuscript. Even better, all this happens in minutes Be sure with PubSURE.

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PubSURE Checks for

Language Quality

In-depth review of language so you catch all the grammar, spelling, and writing errors before submission. Give your manuscript the chance it deserves, with PubSURE!

Ethical Compliance

Avoid revisions for ethical issues. PubSURE makes sure you have all the required ethical declarations.


Don’t let unintentional plagiarism stop you from getting published. With a thorough pre-submission plagiarism check on PubSURE, make your manuscript as unique as your research.

Commercial Declarations

PubSURE won’t let ancillary declarations come in the way of seamless publication, so you can focus on the research.

Tables and Figures

PubSURE makes sure all your data gets the attention they deserve. With thorough checks for table and figure citations, be assured that you have them all cited.


Make sure you have all the fundamentals in place. PubSURE checks that you have included the required correspondence details so you avoid revision requests.

Upcoming Features

  • Technical Compliance
  • Reference Checks
  • Reporting Checklists
  • Abstract Intelligence
  • Structural Assessment
  • Journal Scope Check

How it works?

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